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Quality control

Company’s quality control system

  • Each of the Company’s department is in charge of a specific matter in the quality control system.
  • With regards to quality of input materials and output products, the Company has set up a quality control department to take responsibility.

Duties of the quality control department

  • Building, developing and managing in/out goods process in manufacturing;
  • Training employees to meet the standard of product testing and quality management;
  • Updating quality standards, safety standards of new products;
  • Coordinating with departments to ensure that standards are followed during production;
  • Resolving problems incurring during new product testing process before putting them into mass production;
  • During mass production, conducting sampling method to check quality of products;
  • Improving production processes, minimizing defective products;
  • Checking in stages of production, production tools, and input for production.
  • Checking all goods before packing for export.
  • Receiving comments from customers on product quality, handing the errors in timely manner.

Product quality control process

Up to now, Company is applying quality management standard ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management standard issued by Vietnam’s Quacert and UKAS organization.

The quality management standard ISO 9001:2001, ISO 14001:2004 are implemented strictly and consistently. Whole production process is controlled from incoming materials to manufacture and parts delivery to customers.

Quality control are performed by quality assurance department and manufacturing department. Quality assurance steps are as following:

In-coming material checking:After purchasing department sends out the materials order to supplier, Company will receive materials sample and documents according to material technical specification. In case sample does not meet the technical specification, Company will return it back to supplier. Quality assurance department will check incoming materials by random sample method. All kinds of resin using for manufacture must have certificate on non-hazardous to environment from material manufacture to ensure finished products going to consumer without any harm for human health and environment. Materials that meet necessary requirements will go into store. Sample of materials will be kept in store for 2 years. 

In – process quality control: Process of manufacturing is a continuity process. The production lines run 24/24 hours and all operation datum are recorded in details and updated every 2 hours. Every 4 hours quality checker from manufacturing department will check plastic part by key technical data on random picking sample method. If they find any defect product, all components in that 4 hours production process will be fully checked and the defect item will be segregated and disposed according to production procedure. Quality assurance department check all ongoing process parts’ technical data by random pick up sample every 2 hours of the machine production. If they find any defect product, they will check all parts made during 2 hours production and segregated and disposed the defect part according to production procedure.       

Out – going quality control: 100% of finished goods are random checked according to quality assurance AQL level standard before delivery. This is the last process that quality assurance department will control finished part before product going to storage. 

All of the quality assurance will be noted and kept in 2 years. Quality assurance is carried out by visual checking and dimension checking by measuring equipment.

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